Write a play nyc lotto

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Write a play nyc lotto

November 3, The ABC Chain Now here is a good example of how one great discovery leads to another great discovery and of how one breakthrough leads to another breakthrough.

At any point in time, one set of pairs A, B, or C seems to dominate. This means that the pairs seem to hit in clusters. A practical implication of this is that if an A pair just hit, there is a good chance that another A pair number will follow.

After a set of pairs has NOT hit for a while, pairs from that group will hit several times back to back. I suggest you do the same thing for your state and test out these two theories based on the ABC Pairs Chain. Write out the last 30 or 40 results for your state and write the corresponding A, B, or C pairs next to each number that has it and then write out the chain in a piece of papar.

Look for several pairs hitting back to back example: One strategy is to play the current hottest set of pairs. The other is to play the most due; the one that has not hit in a while and is due to hit soon. Both of these methods are valid but selecting the current hottest set of pairs seems to be the best strategy.

I will now explain how all the 30 numbers from the the 3 ABC pairs actually reduce down to 28 numbers. Then I will talk about two levels of reduction.

write a play nyc lotto

Instead of playing the standard 28 numbers you can adopt a more agressive type of play and play 22 or 19 numbers. When the 3 lists of 10 numbers is combined you will actually end up with 28 numbers, NOT I will show what I mean by using the 3 A pairs: The 10 numbers for pair 12 are,, The singles list is shorter.

It only has 22 numbers: The most aggressive type of play with this strategy involves removing consecutive numbers such as,etc. This reduces the list even further to just 19 numbers: Conservative 28 and Very Aggressive 19 There are two ways to play this strategy as I just mentioned, conservatively where you play all 28 numbers for either the current hottest OR most due pairs - or you can play a more aggressive strategy and only play 22 aggressive or just 19 very aggressive numbers for each set of pairs.

Another reason to only play on paper in the beginning: This takes practice and skill. You do NOT want to be losing money at this early testing phase!The Dallas NAACP wants Lotto done with. A Texas State Lottery commission study found: The people most likely to play Pick 3 are those making $20, a year or less –– below the poverty line.

The ABC Pairs strategy is my latest creation. The ABC Pair Chain is the sequence of ABC Pairs that can only be seen when you write them all out. Looking at the results I listed above and reading them from the bottom (Nov 3) going up (Nov 17), this is the ABC Pair Chain: The most aggressive type of play with this strategy involves.

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And – unlike sales tax, a lotto ticket gives you the possibility of significant positive.

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