Transferdatabase overwrite a file

DestinationDatabaseName - name of the new database DestinationDatabaseFiles - name and location of the database files DestinationOverwrite - if the database already exists on the destination server it will give you an error, so if you want to overwrite the destination database you can set this property to True.

Transferdatabase overwrite a file

They want this done to keep the one they use clean. Basically a database for a database. I have been able to set up the queries for the tables that they want to get the information from to be archived out.

Then once the data is pushed to the archive they want some method to go back in to deleted the data that was just pushed from the tables, making them smaller, which I have working.

transferdatabase overwrite a file

Everything works fine until I run it a second time. Because The code goes back in to query from the deleted fields the queries that are run and then the information pushed no longer has information blank table coupled with the way the DoCmd.

It is just overriding the tables of information with a blank table in the archive database.

transferdatabase overwrite a file

This would not be a problem except for them having to implement the archiving again later down the road with new parameters for the queries for the tables. It would then just over ride the table instead of combining them. I need a way to get the tables to combine.

They are the same table just need to add different information periodically that does not delete the existing table in the Archive. I am fairly new at this and nothing I have tried has made it work.Instead of moving archived data back & forth, just link to the archive table instead.

The command will begin like this: ashio-midori.comerDatabase acLink. The you can run queries against the production or archive tables whenever you want. "myTable", "myTable", False The table already exists, so Access is creating another table with a "1" appended to it.

I just want to overwrite the existing table. May 05,  · There is a button that the user presses to import various DBF file(s). When the TransferDatabase command is run, it has no append option that I am aware of, so a table is created each time this happens.

Jan 31,  · ashio-midori.comerDatabase / overwrite. Discussion in 'Microsoft Access' started by Guest, Jan 30, Microsoft Access comprehensive list all Error Numbers and Descriptions.

I can't figure out how to overwrite current table in Access when I import data from an Excel spreadsheet using the ashio-midori.comerSpreadsheet method. The code below appends the imported data to table1 while I want to overwrite it with the imported data.

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