The blackburn report

Summer signing from Peterborough Gwion Edwards gave Town a fine start when his excellent looping header beat David Raya in the Blackburn goal in the fifth minute. Rovers went ahead nine minutes later after Williams found space down the left and his low cross from the byline was fired home at close range by Dack.

The blackburn report

The Religion of Poverty The greatest gift of Islam to its followers is poverty. All Islamic countries with the exception of those that have oil are poor. Amazingly even Iran that is oil rich and before the Islamic regime was a prosperous country, is now a poor third world country.

Just recently an year-old girl burned herself. She died within a few days. When questioned why, she replied that without her there would be one less mouth to feed in her household and more The blackburn report for her younger siblings. Bangladesh and Pakistan are languishing in poverty while India is now experiencing an economical boom.

As for Afghanistan, let us not even mention it. They go to the mountains looking for a blade of grass to eat and feed their children.

The Blackburn Report | U.S. Congressman Marsha Blackburn

All Islamic countries are completely unproductive. Half of the population, i. Those who work waste one month of a year in a quasi-hibernating state during the Ramadan and 5 time obligatory prayers rob the economy millions of valuable man-hours of productivity. Schools instead of teaching real science teach the Islamic non-sense of Fiqh and Shaira and brainwash the The blackburn report with mumbo-jumbo of creation, story of Noah and the miracles of Muhammad.

Millions of Muslims from all Islamic countries to invad the West in the search of better life. Islamic Expansionism One would think that at least those economical refugees who have escaped the hardship of their native land, are mildly aware that the cause of the poverty of their brethrens back home is Islam and they would try to get away from it now that they have escaped from it and have managed to make some fortune in the Kafir land.

One would expect that at least they would not slay the goose that lays the golden eggs and would not try to infiltrate Islam in their new homes. Unfortunately Muslims are bereft of that much discernment.

When Muslims go to non-Islamic countries and once they overcome their economical hardships they start demanding special privileges to practice and promote their religion. They take advantage of the democracy in their host countries and start building mosques calling their hosts Kafir and strive to eradicate that democracy, and impose the brutal laws of Sharia.

In the West, they have started converting the whites and inculcated in them the hate of their own culture to the extent that these new converts harbor the desire to destroy their own churches, loath democracy and capitalism and endeavor to establish the rule of Islam and theocracy of Khalifat world wide.

These activities are mainly in the following areas: Promoting indiscriminate violence in the State by providing active support to the local militant outfits.

The blackburn report

Creating new militant outfits along ethnic and communal lines by instigating ethnic and religious groups. Supply of explosives and sophisticated arms to various terrorist groups. Causing sabotage of oil pipelines and other installations, communication lines, railways and roads.

Promoting communal tension between Hindu and Muslim citizens by way of false and highly inflammatory propaganda. The World React to Islam Many Indians justifiably are alarmed of the growth of the number of Muslims in India and fear that this would eventually result in another bloody civil war and further secession of their country.

It is unfortunate though, that this threat has forced them to form militant fundamentalist groups to combat the spread of Islam in India. A similar move has already started in England where the Pakistani youth have clashed with the ultra right angry British youth and even police in several occasions with much property damage to the shops and private businesses.

I cannot say that this fear of Islamic expansionism is unfounded. Islam must be confronted though violence is not the right method. In fact it is quite counterproductive and dangerous.

This would make Muslims feel martyred and strengthens their resolve making them go deeper into their ignorance, become fundamentalists with the inevitable escalation of violence and terrorism.

The blackburn report

The world should know that terrorism for a true Muslim is a religious virtue. Jihad was prescribed by Muhammad Q. The problem here is not Muslims but Islam. It is Islam that prevents Muslims from mingling with their hosts in amity, and integrate with the culture of the country where they reside.Blackburn Report () Victoria – Page 1 of 14 Ministerial Review of Postcompulsory Schooling Victoria.

Ministerial Review of Postcompulsory Schooling, (Chair: Jean Blackburn) Overview of the document Two volume report (Volume 1: 69 pages; Volume 2: Appendices: pages) presented to the Minister (Ian Cathie) in . The Blackburn Report Women’s Basketball CARLINVILLE (Nov. 23, ) – Blackburn’s women’s basketball team, under new head coach Jim Chandler, opened the season at home Wednesday by defeating Robert Morris-Springfield People in Trump-voting counties were much more likely just after the election to say their financial situation had improved in the past year, the New York Fed said, long before any of Trump’s policies were in place.

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But the change in sentiment didn’t produce changes in consumer spending, the report said. Blackburn Review, © All Rights Reserved. Home; Contact us. The Blackburn report, in its entirety, covers the ten agencies involved in Aliyah’s care including the police, the probation services, the local health authority and the council.

While it makes 18 recommendations, the gist of . Oct 07,  · — an investigative report that identified some of the most influential Jews in America and their nefarious grip on policy. Interesting. Brooks essentially is charging .

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