Statement of the problem in coping mechanism of working students

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Statement of the problem in coping mechanism of working students

The most common strategy used by nurses was Self—Controlling The mean score was There was a significant relationship between the use of the Confrontive coping scale and sex of the participant the women used this coping strategies more than men.

There was no significant relationship in the use of any coping scale and other demographic variables considered in this study. Also, lack of equipment, work load, lack of support by nursing administrators, being exposed to health and safety hazards, dealing with patients or their relatives and handling their anger, criticism or aggressive behavior and a physician not being present in the medical emergency room are the most common stressors among them.

These stressors are similar to those identified in previous studies. Numerof and Abrams identified the organizational environment as a major source of perceived stress.

Statement of the problem in coping mechanism of working students

The major sources of stress were related to nursing issues like too much work, interpersonal relationships and dealing with hospital administration.

Exercising self-control is a cultural character trait common in nurses within Asia. Prior research has shown self-control to be the major coping method of nurses from Japan, Thailand and China. One of the reasons why positive reappraisal may be used more is because this coping strategy has religious dimensions and nurses who are working in Iran utilize more religious coping than other countries.

May be spirituality play a major role. In addition, both painful problem solving and positive reappraisal are coping methods that can be enhanced through increased educational preparation and work experience. It is possible that the reason that they used positive reappraisal coping mode was because of the educational background.

The results of the study were similar to previous research. In a study performed by Xianyu et al the relationships among workplace stressors, ways of coping and the mental health of Chinese head nurses were investigated. Positive reappraisal, planful problem solving and self-control were found to be the three most frequently identified ways of coping.

The results identified work conditions as the major source of stress for nurses and use of positive reappraisal, self-controlling skills and social support to cope with job stress. This suggests that they tend not to blame themselves nor think that it is their sole responsibility to address the problem.

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Collins and Jones found that the decision to employ a particular coping strategy is influenced by one's perceptions of personal control over the stressful situation.

Where an individual perceives a stressful situation to be beyond their control, they are more likely to utilize emotion-focused coping strategies; where the individual perceives an opportunity to alter the situation, problem-focused coping strategies will be preferred.

Also it may be they felt that solutions to the problem were outside their control. It is important to note that problem related to physical environment remain as the major reported sources of stress in this group of nurses.

It was concluded that the scale of Self — Controlling and Positive Reappraisal was reported to be the most used by emergency department nurses. In present study emotion- focused approaches were generally more used.

The authors declare no conflict of interest in this study. Acknowledgments This study was conducted with support from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, vice chancellor for research approved research proposal number The authors would like to thank Dr N.

Zare Associate Professor of Biostatistics from Shiraz University, Nemazee Clinical Research Center who provided the statistical analysis, Somaye Gholamzadeh computer student who entered and coded data and Sarah Masoumi for editing the manuscript. The researchers are also indebted to the many emergency department personnel who gave their time to contribute to this survey.

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Kluwer Academic Publishers; Which coping mechanism should the nurse document based on this client's statement repression -Repression is the coping mechanism that this client is using, in which the client has removed the experience of being abused from conscious memory.

Statement Of The Problem In Coping Mechanism Of Working Students. categorized tuition, academic scholarship, and working student assistance scholarship. These programs have touched, transformed, and helped a lot of students for the duration of their college lives. Miss Praulaine Kay Beatingo Garcia, 20 years old, is a graduate of Commerce of Hospitality Management in the said University.

Role of Positive Psychological Strengths and Big five Personality Traits in Coping Mechanism of University Students Aqeel Khan 1+, Saedah Siraj 2 and Lau Poh Li3 1 University of Malaya Faculty of Education, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ashio-midori.comt study aimed to explore the relationship of coping strategies with positive psychological.

Problem-focused coping leads to changes in behavior or to the development of a plan of action to deal with stress. Wishful thinking and the use of drugs exemplify the use of _____ coping%(2).

Therefore students need to be aware of how best to develop the coping mechanisms needed to manage stress and anxiety so that everyday function is not compromised. Stress will always be present. Learning to manage this stress and anxiety is the key.

Statement of the problem in coping mechanism of working students

Nursing and Coping With Stress Marjan Laal Sina Trauma and Surgery Research Center, School of Medicine Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran Stress at work is a big problem. Working in the profession of nursing is a demanding and often stressful occupation.

Thus, nurses’ health could be.