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Enjoyment 9 With Christmas fast approaching, I can safely say one thing: All I want for Christmas is Meat. What do you get when an ambitious and rather oddball girl drags an unwilling male into forming a club for whatever reason?

Rewrite animesuki

Rewrite ~ Common Route Reflection | Kakera Complex

Opinions of this particular game diverge quite a lot, so would I love it or hate it? Expect spoilers for the common route, but nothing beyond that.

Recommended BGM The game started off in a very familiar place. Kotarou, the protagonist, reminded me a lot of Tomoya at first glance.

rewrite animesuki

A loner amongst his peers waiting for something exciting and meaningful to happen to his life. Riki was once burdened, but he overcame that despair long before Little Busters begins. Here Rewrite opens with a protagonist with a very important backstory, one which we are left in the dark about.

Little hints about his past are dropped bit by bit, which builds up quite a sense of mystery about what events lead him to where he is today. A very deep character with a very psychological portrayal from the outset.

His monologues are often very insightful and even very sad, definitely a great sign for a protagonist to me. So the premise of the story is pretty ordinary. Kotarou, who seeks to make the most of his youth and rewrite animesuki closer to others joins the Occult club, and begins recruiting some girls to join the club, forming a group rewrite animesuki friends who spend their days investigating supernatural phenomena.

It was never about the occult, it was just a way to have fun with everyone, and maybe find something precious. For reasons not yet clear, Kotarou has a strange supernatural ability that haunts him. Not only that, but as the story progresses, Kotarou finds himself continually surrounded by strange supernatural phenomena which pose a threat to his life.

Choosing to push it to the back of his mind as much as he can, he continues searching for trivial occult phenomena with his friends without any success. The time spent with his friends is often very hilarious, with heaps of funny moments almost on par with Little Busters.

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But when it comes down to it, the situation is actually very sad. While he spends a lot of time goofing around with Kotori, he still feels a great distance between them. In one scene I encountered, he desperately clung to her out of sheer loneliness, while dreadfully fearing rejection.

Kotarou is definitely the saddest protagonist so far, even if he hides it throughout most of the common route, it still shows.

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A big difference from other Key works is that this one establishes very early on the heavy supernatural content of the story. The approach to it is also very well done.


Kotarou naturally has an innocent interest in the occult, so when he meets the school witch, he finds himself taken aback by the knowledge that she herself is a cynic of the occult. All magic and supernatural phenomena are tricks, delusions, misinterpretations, paranoia, hallucinations.

Of the heroines, the first one you encounter and the one that stands out the most to me is Kotori Kanbe. She seems to have a lot in common with Kotarou, which explains why they get along so well. Their relationship is extremely complicated, and that interests me a lot.

The other heroines include Chihaya: Shizuru seems to quite clearly have a crush on Kotarou, but her eyepatch still remains a mystery. Akane is probably the most focused-on of the heroines, partly because of the central role she plays as president of the occult club.

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Unlike Kotarou and Kotori, Akane has created a very deliberate rift between her and others. Now a moment to talk about Yoshino. He serves as the primary comic relief character, but he probably gets more screentime and development than most of the characters so far.

Key are quite notorious for giving even the most unassuming comic relief characters deep and meaningful stories, and Yoshino is no exception. Yoshino confronting Kotarou with some painful truths he cannot deny, and Kotarou trying to defend himself, and failing.

Now then, time to talk about the ending. A character goes missing, presumed dead. He still cares about the group more than anyone else, and this realization brings him great despair. Despite it, Kotarou convinces the group to stand up and take action to fix everything, by going into the forest and trying to find the missing Inoue.

The dragon finds Kotori and tries to attack her, before Kotarou takes a stand and protects her, putting his own life in grave danger. While making their escape, it gets even more absurd, as Shizuru and Lucia start pulling off superhuman fighting techniques to defeat the dragon, and just as the dragon is nearly defeated, the image of a mysterious girl appears in the sky and a gale of wind blows the dragon away.

Just as Kotarou is trying to comprehend what is going, Shizuru knocks him unconscious and herself and Lucia flee into the forest.

End of common route. Events of which he has no understanding spiral completely out of control, and he loses the one thing that he was beginning to treasure.Apr 02,  · Key’s “Rewrite” not a hoax April 2nd at AM, by Shingo It’s the morning after April Fool’s day, and in the process of sorting out fact from yesterday’s fiction the first thing that stands out is that Key ‘s announcement of their next title, Rewrite, remains unchanged.

rewrite animesuki

* RealMenWearPink -- RealMenWearPink: [[InvokedTrope Invoked]] by Haruki in the Rewrite Project, who made Mitsuru wear a [[{{Meido}} maid dress]] to make .

In , Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Portable, a visual novel by Namco Bandai Games for the Sony PlayStation Portable, was released. A live-action film based strictly on the novels and not the anime was released on February 1, and directed by Takuro Oikawa. Jan 31,  · Rewrite: Miracle superiority rule probably applies.

If it doesn't, Kotarou Tennouji is probably equivalent to a low-power to middling Noble (with the upper limit being the level of Aspect at which Nobles can define their mundane capabilities as "good enough to . Rose Guns Days by Ryuukishi07 (Higurashi, Umineko, Lucia's route in Rewrite) translation released by Witch Hunt!

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