Raft writing prompts

How can mind maps support ELLs through writing? Goal In the previous article, we talked about how using Quick Writes develops writing fluency and critical thinking — both prerequisites to tackling complex writing tasks.

Raft writing prompts

Her assignment is inspired by the picture book Tough Boris by Mem Fox.

Raft writing prompts

Click here to open and print Pam's one-page handout. What's Your Fifth Element? Click here to open the on-line assignment that Carol proposed and published during an in-service class for teachers sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project.

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Unusual Friendly Letters Northern Nevada teacher Jennifer Mitchell shared with us this RAFT writing assignment she created for her elementary students as an review to writing friendly letters. Her assignment is inspired by the picture book Dear Mrs.

Letters from Obedience School by Mark Teague. Her assignment is inspired by the picture book Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster by Debra Frasier.

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In this lesson, students assume the role of a fruit or vegetable they've studied, then they write a campaign on why their fruit or vegetable should be elected "The most nutritious" in an upcoming election.

Character Credo Poem Nevada high school teacher, Tracey Albee, attended our Persuasive Writing Class and proposed this poetry lesson, which she uses to help her students discover the voice of characters in novels they are studying.

After brainstorming the beliefs of a character, students create free-verse poems from the character's perspective. After reading the poems out loud, fellow students try to guess which character the student's poem belongs to. Please, share the resources you find on these pages freely with fellow educators, but please leave any page citations on handouts intact, and please give authorship credit to the cited teachers who created these wonderful lessons and resources.

Thanks in advance for honoring other educators' intellectual property.Writing prompts often require students to have prior knowledge of the content and expect writers to think critically about a topic. Additionally, writing prompts usually ask students to do several types of thinking simultaneously such as first describe and then analyze or compare then draw ashio-midori.com://ashio-midori.com  · RAFT Writing Template Role Audience Format Writing Piece Topic.

Deluxe Reading Tour ashio-midori.com Math prompts made easy! Here are samples of math instructional prompts for creative writing across the curriculum.

Each math writing prompt below is written using the RAFTS ashio-midori.com These knowledge organisers provide a quick guide for pupils to help them write effective answers for AQA English Literature paper 1 and paper 2 with poetry on one side and fiction on the other.

Keep them on your classroom desks to use as writing mats, or. (formerly ashio-midori.com) Mrs. Jones shares links to free printable materials on the internet for young children, their teachers and parents.

· Writing Raft Gist Assessment Standard HS-ESS-1 Imagine you are a student in a science class, learning about the sun. Write an 6 sentence paragraph explaining what type of star the sun is and how nuclear Fusion occurs in the sun to release energy ashio-midori.com /raft-gist-writing-prompts.

Raft writing prompts
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