Money vs attitude

The narcissistic nature of women makes them opt for things that can boost their ego and selfworth, and money is certainly that thing that move the world around women. Over the years, the rich guys have taken advantage of this narcissistic tendency of women to access the most beautiful of them.

Money vs attitude

The paper aims to examine gender differences in money attitude among college students. Using the stratified sampling method, 2, college students from six public and five private colleges were studied. Meanwhile female students were conservatively minded about money, as well as being attached to money for self- gratification purposes.

Journal of American Science ;7 6: Introduction In this respect Lim and Teo studied a Money attitude and behavior have been a common sample of undergraduate university students in cause of concern among economists, psychologists, Singapore, and found that students who experienced and sociologists for over three decades.

The majority financial hardship were more likely to use money as a of studies have recognized different aspects of form of evaluation, be more generous to the less money, demographic variables that are associated fortunate, and have higher levels of financial anxiety with money attitudes, and frameworks based on compared to students who had not experienced psychometric theories to explain financial behavior financial hardship Lim and Teo, Abelson and Masuo, et al.

Previous researchers with their financial appraisals Joo and Grable, who have examined the relationship between socio- and have more effective money management.

Money vs attitude

In demographic variables and money attitudes respect of financial matters, previous research concluded that males and females have different generally proposed that past experiences formed beliefs about money Allen et al.

The results of financialin other words, money attitude contributes to attitude studies Dowling, et al. Concerning money, Lown and Juproposed Gender theories suggest that men's and that our attitudes and feelings surrounding money are women's perceptions are different, in part, due to integrated into our lives and, thus, motivate behavior socialization Hira, However, it is well in subtle ways.

In addition, money attitude is the focus and Rabow, Materials and Methods compared to students who had not experienced 2. The concluded that gender differences in money attitude total score money attitude and six dimensions were might relate to the variation of socialization and computed by summing the scores of 1 to 4.

Men expect to be the breadwinners 2. However, since sampling method at six public and five private women are expected to hold family roles they are universities across Malaysia.

A self-administered attached to budget and retention money dominants.

Money vs attitude

Of the 2, students who responded review of the literature e. Prince,indicated to the survey, The mean age of the He mentioned that, relative to men, as women are respondents was 21 years. Results and Discussions results of Baker and Hagedorn among The results of the t-tests were given in Table 1 students revealed that males tend to score higher on indicated that there were no statistically significant both power-prestige, and on frugality-distrust.

Given results management skills Hayhoe et al. Findings of t-test indicated on the statistically significant difference http: In dimensions among students.

Female students Table 1: The Result of the t-Test for Financial use money for self-celebration and spend money in Attitude order to reduce stress. Females have a conservative Items Male Female t Sig attitude toward money and are secure minded about money issues.

It can be concluded that female Financial attitude However, it is acceptable among These results are consistent with past findings, researchers that differences in money attitude may which suggest that males are more concerned about result in different financial management, which money than females Barber and Odean, ; should receive more attention by scholars and Funfgeld and Wang, ; Norvilitis, et al.

Based on the findings of the present Lim, et al. These study it is recommended that further research be findings indicate that while men use money to gain conducted to understand attitude formation and the prestige and spend money to have influence on factors that predict money attitude among male and others, they experienced more stress about money female students.

In addition, since the main part of and were even reluctant to spend money on attitude is formed during socialization, financial necessities, such as buying books. Students may not be the only target group in 4.

Conclusion and Implications educational programs, as all attitudes, skills, and The main aim of the present study was to habits are formed during early childhood by families determine gender differences in money attitude and reinforced by other socialization agents in later http: Therefore, the improvement of family financial professionals to encourage schools to include knowledge, attitude and skills is important to personal finance in the school curriculum.Needs and Wants Different people have different attitudes toward money.

Some people believe money should be saved and invested. They like to feel like they have something to /5(1). A student that funds their own education obviously has a positive outlook on life and has some goals and wishes to be successful one day. Students' attitudes towards school are not always based on whether or not they pay for college or not.

Our attitudes or habitual ways of thinking about money can make the difference in success or failure with money and with life in general. Fortunately, our attitudes are subject to change even though many people are not aware of it.

The truth is that women get attracted to money but stay with the good attitude. It’s true that money is usually at the fore front when it comes to getting a woman, but the ladies will be attracted towards the money and then look for right attitude to settle with.


On the other hand, if your attitude is positive, and you are open and willing to have it in your life, you will attract money into your life in various ways. Here is an excerpt from the book Visualize and Achieve, addressing the attitude toward money.

Second of all, responsibility plays a key factor in receiving an education as well. A student with responsibility, a student that pays for the education, would be able to comply with the required standards needed to succeed in the college world because of the effort they put forth to receive it.

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