Linux terminal commands wallpaper

Several tools are available for this, each with slightly differing results. You should find that one of these works for you.

Linux terminal commands wallpaper

To centre the image: To make sure Feh loads the wallpaper again when you start Openbox, add this to your autostart file see above: For more information on CWallpaper, have a look here little over half way down. Nitrogen is only in the Ubuntu repositories from Intrepid onwards.

If you use an earlier version of Ubuntu you can easily build it from source. Extract the archive, configure, make and install: To restore the last used wallpaper when you log into Openbox, add this to your autostart file: See this post for more information.

Others, though, have had more success.

Set a Background With PUSH Video Wallpaper They started out as a group of people that created a beautiful theme for Linux-based operating systems, but soon progressed to creating a number of small apps that were based around simplicity and beauty — like Geary, for email Geary: Both of these programs are great if you need advanced features.
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Note that when some file managers, like Nautilus, draw the desktop you will also lose your right and middle click Openbox menus on the desktop. A very minimalistic panel, that is light and quite configurable. I give some tips on what to do with Pypanel in this post.

A light panel with many plug-ins pagers, task bar, menu, clock, etc. A light panel with all the things that normally come with a panel. Lxpanel is similar to fbpanel, but easier to configure. It is part of the the LXDE project. As the name suggests, perlpanel is written in perl.

It is heavier on resources than the above mentioned panels, but has a lot of extensions that can be loaded. A lightweight panel with a taskbar, system tray, desktop switcher and a clock.

Arch Linux Wallpapers

The panel is themeable. It is based on fspanelwhich is no longer developed. A themeable panel with lots of plugins and nice menus.

It is a continuation of Foopanel. The panel that is used in Xfce. Everything will work in Openbox, including all the applets clocks, pagers, launchers, etc. The panel that is used in Gnome.

The panel that is used in KDE.

Linux terminal commands wallpaper

Tint2 is a continuation of Tint task managera text-only task list that is very configurable in looks. Tint2 added more configuration options, as well as a clock to it. It seems launcher icons are also planned for future releases. Visibility is a simple icon-box task list.

Instead or in addition of a task list, you can also use Skippya full-screen task-switcher that shows you the non-iconified windows that are running in your current workspace. There are several of these available: A very simple and very light system tray that runs in the dock.

It is my favourite system tray: A system tray that appears in the dock, and is a bit more configurable than docker. A stand alone tray, that is somewhat configurable, and can be placed in the dock if you run it in the withdrawn mode: If you use Gkrellmyou can use the gkrellm trayicons plugin to add a system tray to it.


Wbar is a quick launch bar that is fairly configurable. A drawer with launchers that goes in the dock. Like most dockapps, it is quite ugly with its default settings, but its looks can easily be changed. A simple icon-box application launcher.Linux terminal commands wallpaper. Download free Linux wallpapers and desktop backgrounds!

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