Going away to college presents

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Going away to college presents

College Hockey Uniform Rankings: The Bulldogs start off the top five countdown of best uniforms in college hockey. Some may be surprised by this selection, but let me explain why I think Duluth belongs in the top five.

Pretty basic piping, at least on the main home whites and away maroons. That is a huge sticking point for me and will get you a ton of points in my book every time. The dog head rules.

Now to the little things. Or is it a hockey net? It might also be an outline of Amsoil Arena, as well — hopefully someone can fill me in! Nothing great, but a good spot to put that. Lastly, we get to the throwbacks that Minnesota Duluth skated out last season.

Going away to college presents

Apparently these were only worn on Oct. The thin maroon and gold stripe at the bottom works perfectly to accent that swatch and to top of all off, there is a skating bulldog patch on each shoulder to top off this instant classic.

The collar is pretty slick, too.

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UConn did a pretty nice job with these. They let such a small, short wordmark breathe all on its own on the front and let it speak for itself.

They stood true to the name and let that do all the talking. A fantastic color scheme branded as well as a UConn hockey uniform could be. Do we see any stripes on those pants? The red and white trim on the blues and the flipped red and blue trim on the whites is perfect Subtle enough to not go overboard, but powerful enough to hammer home that color scheme and the UConn brand.

I also love the legibility of the number font and last name on the back of the uniform, accenting that UConn brand even more.

Is number four a little high for UConn? Penn State Click image to enlarge When you think of Big Ten hockey, the traditional powers that be come to mind: Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc. Crazy lines or unnecessary markings?

Just a clean, white jersey with that icon Nittany Lion logo in navy blue with one, thick-blue stripe corresponding with sleeve, jersey and sock, a crisp number scheme and an absolutely marvelous inverted last-name bumper plate on the back to the just seal the deal that Penn State belongs in the top 3 of the college hockey pantheon of uniforms.As part of the stories of the year collection, this piece is being resurfaced along with others in the coming days as ESPN Digital and Print Media closes out the year.

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Going away to college presents

You are not currently logged in, so we can only show you catalogs available to all users. Log in to view your catalog subscriptions. Are you looking for going away to college gifts?

Whether it’s for your son, friend, sibling or just anybody: we have selected 10 seriously practical going way to college gifts that they will love and find them useful.

Going away as a college student can be a struggle for some. Whether the student is going away to college, going abroad for experience, or joining the military, going away gifts can be a tricky gift to give.

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