Ethical standards in business writing

The following list of principles incorporate the characteristics and values that most people associate with ethical behavior. Ethical executives are honest and truthful in all their dealings and they do not deliberately mislead or deceive others by misrepresentations, overstatements, partial truths, selective omissions, or any other means. Ethical executives demonstrate personal integrity and the courage of their convictions by doing what they think is right even when there is great pressure to do otherwise; they are principled, honorable and upright; they will fight for their beliefs. They will not sacrifice principle for expediency, be hypocritical, or unscrupulous.

Ethical standards in business writing

Businesses can have ethical standards, but businesses are not moral agents. Do you agree or disagree? Already Solved by our Experts at Australianwritingacademy. Read the following article by Jay Feldman: How Corporations Behave Considering the article, write an APA-formatted paper of 4—5 pages that addresses the following: Think about this statement as you consider the following questions as a guide to help your formulate a thesis statement.

Select 1 of the following questions to answer and develop your thesis statement: In business, are there other less tangible goals that are intrinsic to and just as important as making money?

In a business environment, why should people be moral as individuals? Why should a corporation or organization be moral? Developing the Essay Identify your thesis statement argument claim within the introduction of your paper.

Conduct research using library resources. Outline your essay, considering deontological ethics, teleological ethics, moral objectivism, and ethical relativism in your argument. Provide at least 3 valid reasons to support your argument.

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Also, be sure to include the following in your APA formatted essay: Use of explanations of philosophical concepts such as utilitarianism, categorical imperatives, process philosophy, moral relativism, moral absolutism, ethical relativism, moral objectivism, deontological ethics, or teleological ethics to structure your essay and provide evidence to support your claims.

Your argument and reasons claims should be defended by philosophical concepts supported by evidence, which is based on your research.

Please use the APA library to begin your research.

ethical standards in business writing

After conducting your research and writing your essay, could you conclude that businesses can have ethical standards, despite the fact that businesses are not moral agents? Why or why not? Please explain summing up your argument.

ethical standards in business writing

Review Checklist before submitting essay Your essay should be checked for proper use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You may find that you change your mind on the issue as you are writing your paper. That is fine, but be sure to present your ultimate decision at the beginning of the paper, and stick to it consistently throughout.

This may require that you go back and change paragraphs to support your changed thesis statement.12 Ethical Principles for Business Executives Ethical values, translated into active language establishing standards or rules describing the kind of behavior an ethical person should and should not engage in, are ethical principles.


Ethical standards also include those that enjoin virtues of honesty, compassion, and loyalty. And, ethical standards include standards relating to rights, such as the right to life, the right to freedom from injury, and the right to privacy.

As a result, ethics becomes in involved in technical writing in many ways both traditional and new, obvious and non-obvious. In this course we will study the role of ethics in technical writing and communication at various levels. Ethical Leadership in Business Essay.

Ethics is specific standards set within an organization to guide employees. Business decisions are made based on these standards.

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Hence, they affect the way companies operate and how the company interacts with its employee, customer, the community, and other shareholders.

Ethical behavior is important in everything, including technical writing. Many of the major areas in the technical writing field deal with technical processes, such as technology, medical topics.

basic ethical principles in writing and pub-lishing. Important ethical issues to consider ethically obligated to abide by the standards of good writing, which preclude plagiarism.

The responsibility for plagiarism lies ulti- Ethical Issues in Writing and Publishing.

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