Edsjo thesis

Neuroblastoma, which is the most common and extensively studied childhood solid cancer, shows a great clinical and biological heterogeneity. Most of the neuroblastoma patients older than one year have poor prognosis despite intensive therapies.

The classic result from that time is due to Ostriker and Peebles who found that rapidly rotating, selfgravitating stellar systems could become violently unstable to nonaxisymmetric perturbations if the ratio of the kinetic energy associated with their rotation to their gravitational binding energy becomes too large.

This may therefore be a possible formation scenario for pseudobulges Kormendy and Kennicutt,i. A general picture of how secular evolution leads to the formation of pseudobulges has emerged.

As a bar spontaneously begins to form18 it transfers angular momentum to the outer disk and increases in amplitude. The response of gas to this bar is crucial — gas accelerates as it enters the bar potential and decelerates as it leaves.

This leads to shocks forming in the gas which lie approximately along the ridge-line of the bar. Binney and Tremaine give a clear explanation of the physics involved. A randomly occurring leading spiral density wave in a disk will unwind and, as it does so, will rotate faster.

Edsjo thesis

As it swings from leading to trailing it reaches a maximum rotation speed which is close to the average orbital speed of stars in the disk.Please go to ashio-midori.com to search and browse BYU's ETD collection..

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More thesis information. CEU ETD submission;. Neuroblastoma is the second most common paediatric cancer. It develops from undifferentiated simpatico-adrenal lineage cells and is mostly sporadic; however, the aetiology behind the development of neuroblastoma is still not fully understood.

Home > Cosmic Ray Energy Spectrum from Measurements of Air Showers > Citations Information ; References (64) Citations () Neutrinos from cosmic ray interactions in the Sun - Edsjo, Joakim et al.

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Venialgo; S. Sinha; T. Gong; S. Mandai; A. Carimatto et al.: Small-animal and endoscopic PET detector modules based on multichannel digital silicon photomultipliers, IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, Medical Imaging Conference and Room-Temperature Semiconductor Detector Workshop (NSS/MIC/RTSD).

Edsjo thesis

IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, Medical Imaging Conference . Supersymmetric dark matter Many lines of reasoning suggest that the dark matter consists of some new, as yet undiscovered, weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP).

There is now a vast experimental effort being surmounted to detect WIMPs in the halo.

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