Character analysis of shylock essay help

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Character analysis of shylock essay help

On stage, it is Shylock who makes the play, and almost all of the great actors of the English and Continental stage have attempted the role. But the character of Shylock has also been the subject of much critical debate: How are we meant to evaluate the attitude of the Venetians in the play toward him?

Or his attitude toward them? Is he a bloodthirsty villain? Or is he a man "more sinned against than sinning"? One of the reasons that such questions arise is that there are really two stage Shylocks in the play: Shylock's function in this play is to be the obstacle, the man who stands in the way of the love stories; such a man is a traditional figure in romantic comedies.

Something or someone must impede young, romantic love; here, it is Shylock and the many and various ways that he is linked to the three sets of lovers. The fact that he is a Jew is, in a sense, accidental. Shakespeare wanted to contrast liberality against selfishness — in terms of money and in terms of love.

There was such a figure available from the literature of the time, one man who could fulfill both functions: Usury was forbidden to Christians by the church of the Middle Ages, and as a consequence, money lending was controlled by the Jews; as a rule, it was usually the only occupation which the law allowed to them.

As a result, a great deal of medieval literature produced the conventional figure of the Jewish moneylender, usually as a minor character, but also too, as a major character.

It is from this medieval literary tradition that Shakespeare borrows the figure of Shylock, just as Marlowe did for his Jew of Malta. Some commentators have said that the character of Shylock is an example of Elizabethan and Shakespeare's own anti-Semitism. In contrast, many have seen the creation of Shylock as an attack on this kind of intolerance.

character analysis of shylock essay help

But Shakespeare, they forget, was a dramatist. He was not concerned with either anti- nor pro-Semitism, except in the way it shaped individual characters in his plays to produce the necessary drama that he was attempting to create.

The play is thus emphatically not anti-Semitic; rather, because of the nature of Shylock's involvement in the love plots, it is about anti-Semitism. Shakespeare never seriously defined or condemned a group through the presentation of an individual; he only did this for the purposes of comedy by creating caricatures in miniature for our amusement.

Shylock is drawn in bold strokes; he is meant to be a "villain" in terms of the romantic comedy, but because of the multi-dimensionality which Shakespeare gives him, we are meant to sympathize with him at times, loathe him at others.

Shakespeare's manipulation of our emotions regarding Shylock is a testament to his genius as a creator of character.

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He is a defeated man. Yet we cannot feel deep sympathy for him — some, perhaps, but not much.

character analysis of shylock essay help

Shakespeare's intention was not to make Shylock a tragic figure; instead, Shylock was meant to function as a man who could be vividly realized as the epitome of selfishness; he must be defeated in this romantic comedy.

In a sense, it is Shakespeare's own brilliance which led him to create Shylock as almost too human. Shylock is powerfully drawn, perhaps too powerfully for this comedy, but his superb dignity is admirable, despite the fact that we must finally condemn him.

{dialog-heading} On stage, it is Shylock who makes the play, and almost all of the great actors of the English and Continental stage have attempted the role.

Perhaps the poet W. Auden has given us our best clue as to how we must deal with Shylock:The tools you need to write a quality essay or term paper; Saved Essays. You Have Not Saved Any Essays.

Character analysis of shylock essay writing

Topics in this paper. Antisemitism; Judaism; Essays Related to Character Analysis - Shylock the Jew. 1. Shylock Character Study Task: Choose a character from the play and explain what their works and actions reveal about their 5/5(1).

to forgive a Christian, revealing Shylock to be a heartless character.

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Shakespeare illustrates Shylock to be increasingly indignant, as a result of his “grudge” which further reveals a financial reason for his hatred, portraying him to be a 5/5(1). Shylock is probably the most memorable character in the play because of Shakespeare’s excellent characterization of him.

Shylock is the antagonist in the play because he stands in the way of love, but this does not necessarily make him the villain of the play. Need Writing Help? Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. - Character Analysis of Shylock from The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare In William Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’ the character Shylock, a Jewish moneylender is shown to the audience in more than one.

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Shylock in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice Essay - Shylock in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice There have been many variations over the hundreds of years in how the character Shylock has been played in productions of “The Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare.

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