Barack obama visit puerto rico

Context[ edit ] By definition, the inauguration marked the formal culmination of the presidential transition of Barack Obama that began when he won the United States presidential election on November 4, and became the President-elect. Obama also represented a generational change as the first man elected President who was born in the s.

Barack obama visit puerto rico

This will be the first official visit made by a US executive leader to the non-incorporated territory in 50 years.

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John F Kennedy was the last to make such a visit - in Clean streets, potholes filled, freshly painted public housing and local artisan food kiosks, decorated with Puerto Rican and US flags, have been arranged to welcome the president.

As of April, the unemployment rate remains at just over 16 per cent. The small Caribbean territory, whose economy is dependent on the presence of multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Merck, has been seeing the flight of factories to countries that can provide a cheaper labour market, as corporate tax breaks have been modified since Not only have factories moved off the island, but so have people.

US Census reports indicate that close toPuerto Ricans have moved to the mainland during the past five years, in search of jobs and education opportunities. There are now more Puerto Ricans in the US 4. First, upon disembarking from Air Force One at the San Juan military air strip, Obama will briefly address the people of Puerto Rico at a restricted press conference.

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From there, he will be brought to the La Fortaleza executive mansion to speak with the pro-annexation governor and other local political leaders. He will address a fundraising luncheon at the Caribe Hilton hotel, where he is expected to pick up local donations for his forthcoming presidential campaign.

Securing support The most recent time he visited Puerto Rico, Barack Obama was a senator, campaigning for the Democratic Party presidential nomination in the US primary elections.

Found dancing the national plena, he proclaimed: Puerto Rico was a colony of Spain from untiland has been under US control since then, as a "non-incorporated territory".

Puerto Ricans are US citizens but have no vote in the US Congress; they can vote in the presidential primaries but not in the general presidential elections.

Barack obama visit puerto rico

The first part will ask islanders if they want to maintain a formal political relationship with the United States. Puerto Ricans will then be asked if they prefer full annexation, making the island the 51st state, or to convert the political relationship into a free association among two nations, whereby Puerto Rico will receive greater autonomy.

But in order to gain independence, 60 per cent of the voting population has to support the change at the ballot box.

Although referenda have been held before, the proposed agenda, still being developed, will be the first offering the choice of permanent political association with the United States to Puerto Ricans themselves. While politicians see the status of the island as the main theme for this historic occasion, other citizens have a different focus.

The freeing of political prisoners such as Oscar Lopez, serving a year sentence for seditious conspiracy against the United States and considered to be a political prisoner by pro-independence forces, is also a priority theme for this sector.

He will pick up his millions at Caribe Hilton and secure the Puerto Rican vote on the mainland. Only we can solve our own problems.President Obama has fought hard for the people of Puerto Rico. He is the first president to make an official visit to Puerto Rico in nearly 50 years.

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And as he put it in San Juan last June, he included Puerto Rico not just on his itinerary, but in his vision of where our country needs to go. Barack Obama will become the first sitting president in 50 years to officially visit Puerto Rico when he arrives Tuesday in San Juan.

Barack obama visit puerto rico

But the trip also has a political component, including the. Similarly to Barack, her visit to Penuelas, Hormigueros, Aguadilla and Cabo Rojo suggest that Hillary is trying to increase her support in these areas, which are currently pro-Obama.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – President Barack Obama touched down on this Caribbean island Tuesday for an official visit, the first by a sitting president in 50 years. But politics were very much. Claim: President Obama ordered a life-sized bronze statue of himself to be permanently installed at the White President Obama will visit Puerto Rico, where he will also deliver remarks.

Barrios continued, "President Obama should take a stand while in San Juan and send a clear message that hate-motivated crimes will not be tolerated in any U.S. territory -- period.".

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