Ballistics lab essay

Closely linked to this is ballistics, which relates to the flight path of projectiles, often associated with forensic science during the investigation of firearms. This area of study examines the path of a bullet from when it leaves the firearm up until it strikes the target.

Ballistics lab essay

Edmond Locard was a pioneer in forensic science who became known as the Sherlock Holmes of France. He formulated the basic principle of forensic science: Born on November 13 in Saint-Chamond, France, Locard studied medicine and law at Lyon, eventually becoming the assistant of Alexandre Lacassagne, a criminologist and professor.

He held this post untilwhen he began the foundation of his criminal laboratory. InLocard succeeded in persuading the Police Department of Lyon France to give him two attic rooms and two assistants, to start what became the first police laboratory.

He was a pioneer. Locard believed that no matter where a criminal goes or what a criminal does, he will leave something at the scene of the crime. At the same time, he will also take something back with him.

A criminal can leave all sorts of evidence, including fingerprints, footprints, hair, skin, blood, bodily fluids, pieces of clothing and more. Locard tested out this principle during many of his investigations.

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Her boyfriend at the time, Emile Gourbin, was questioned by police, but he claimed he had been playing cards with some friends the night of the murder.

After the friends were questioned, Gourbin appeared to be telling the truth. When Locard looked at the corpse, however, he was led to believe otherwise. We will write a custom essay sample on Forensics.Firearms, Tool Marks, and Ballistics.

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National Academy of Sciences Report - See pp. for the National Research Counsel's assessment of the discipline of Toolmark and Firearms Identification..

The PCAST Report found that "firearms analysis currently falls short of the criteria for foundational validity, because there is only a single appropriately designed study to measure validity. View Lab Report - Period of a Pendulum Lab Report from PHYS at UC. B) Make a data chart in your lab report like the one in Figure 5.

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Ballistics lab essay

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Firearm investigation is a specialty of forensic science focusing on the examination of firearms and related subjects. Closely linked to this is ballistics, which relates to the flight path of projectiles, often associated with forensic science during the investigation of firearms.

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