Arguments for and against children s beauty pageants

Report this Argument Pro The first problem I have with child beauty pageants is that from a young age, children are receiving the message that looks is all that is important in life. It is so materialistic and vain to have young girls brought up with the message that pretty girls win. These days we should be educating our children that inner-beauty is what matters, and that what makes you a winner is treating people well, being friendly, charitable and helpful. Not looking the prettiest.

Arguments for and against children s beauty pageants

The more babies a woman is carrying, the more likely there are to be complications. Their little girl was named Mikayla Marie and was a little bit of a miracle.

Bobbi was born with a malfunctioning pituitary gland which had caused fertility problems over the years. To have Mikayla Marie was a little bit of a dream come true, but still, they wanted to expand their family.

They had to consider different ways to help them have another child after Mikayla Marie was born. Taking treatment Kenny and Bobbi decided the best way to have another child was to take hormone therapy, using the fertility medicine Metrodin.

This treatment stimulates ovulation and can help those with fertility problems become pregnant. As they were desperate to add another baby to their little family, Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey were more than happy to try anything they could.

Little did they know that they were soon to have a much bigger family… The big news When Bobbi went for her regular check up and scan, the doctors found something quite incredible in her womb. Not one, not two, not three, but seven embryos. There were seven children growing inside Bobbi McCaughey.

However, multiple births is quite common when taking fertility treatment although 7 was almost unheard of. Getting attention Of course, when news like this breaks, it quickly spreads. The McCaughey family were quickly thrust into the limelight. The parents received plenty of media attention from the press, some positive and some negative.

Some people thought they were selfish for not taking the selective reduction route, as it meant that there would be a better chance of all the remaining babies to live healthy lives. Bobbi and Kenny took it all in their stride, however.

A quick birth Understandably, both Kenny and Bobbi were worried about the upcoming birth. They spent a lot of time with doctors, discussing the best way forward.

On November 19,all seven babies were born 9-weeks early. The birth took place via cesarean, and each baby was delivered within six minutes of each other. They ranged in weight from 2lb 5oz up to 3lb 4oz, but all seemed healthy enough after the C-section.

Only time would tell what would happen. Meet the babies All seven babies made it through the birth; four boys and three girls. Luckily, Bobbi and Kenny were armed with a list of names for their new brood. We have a feeling they had to raid a baby name book for all of those!

Meeting celebs After the septuplets were born, they garnered even more media attention. They had a feature in Time magazine in December a month after they were born.

Arguments for and against children s beauty pageants

Bill Clinton, the President of America at the time, also called to wish the family well. They also met President George W. Bush along with making an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey show; something they have done several times since.

Arguments for and against children s beauty pageants

The McCaughey family were famous, and making headlines all over the world. Both Alexis and Nathan were born with cerebral palsy, which is a group of conditions that can affect both movement and coordination.

Both Alexis and Nathan found it difficult to walk unaided but were healthy in every other way.A Feminist Argument Against Beauty Pageants Why you can't be a feminist and also in a beauty pageant.

Maggie Rosenblatt Maggie Rosenblatt Aug 22, views. views. comments. From a young age we are taught not to judge people by what they look like, but who they are -- the idea behind beauty pageants goes directly against this idea.

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Children and Beauty Pageants: Just Say No - Young girls should not be exposed to beauty pageants. Beauty pageants became part of the American society in the 's.

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The overall effect of child beauty pageants has children thinking they are worthless failures just because they don't reach parent's and judges' standards of perfection.

Report this Argument Pro. Is Cheerleading a Sport? - According to the website, the word sport is defined as “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature,” but to Marla Jo Fisher, staff writer for The Mom Blog and author of the article “Cheerleading is Not a Sport,” cheerleading does not meet the standards of a true “sport.” Her immature and.

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